Loss Prevention: How To Keep Your Store Secure During The Holidays

As the holidays approach, businesses are preparing for the influx of shoppers by boosting their security strategy, and for a good reason: shrinkage is on the rise. In 2022, the average shrinkage reported by retailers was 1.6%, up from 1.4% in 2021 and in line with pre-pandemic levels. 

With shrinkage expected to rise in 2023, businesses are closely analyzing their approach to security and making key strategic changes. In this blog, we’ll discuss ways businesses can bolster their physical security efforts and stay secure during Boxing Day and the 2023 holiday season.

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Enhance Physical Security Presence 

The physical presence of uniformed security guards is a proven deterrent for would-be criminals. Uniformed guards serve as a visible symbol of protection, instilling a sense of security in customers while letting potential criminals know that the business is protected. Strategically placing security guards at entry points not only provides a physical barrier but also creates a welcoming, safe atmosphere for customers. 

At Blackbird Security, our guards are trained extensively in customer service. They function as an extension of your business and your overall team, providing a warm welcome for guests and support for your employees. Learn more about how our customer service approach makes a difference in security strategies. 

Deploy Undercover Loss Prevention 

Along with uniformed guards, undercover loss prevention guards are a key component of thorough security strategies during busy shopping seasons. Loss prevention guards discreetly patrol stores, scan for suspicious activity, and stop theft when it happens. In the event of a theft, undercover loss prevention officers and uniformed guards work together to perform apprehensions and recover merchandise.

At Blackbird, our uniformed and undercover loss prevention guards use TrackTik, a state-of-the-art reporting software that allows them to conduct incident reports and track patrol routes in real time. This allows our clients and our Control Centre team to keep a close eye on store security as it unfolds. 

Implement Mobile Security Patrol Strategies

Parking lot security is sometimes overlooked in the development of retail security strategies. A mobile security guard will conduct patrols in a high-visibility security vehicle, deterring potential criminals and providing a reassuring presence for customers. Patrols can be conducted 24/7, ensuring full security during off hours. Mobile security is key in preventing car crime and can assist in loss prevention efforts.

Thieves who use their cars to escape with stolen merchandise often spend time loading goods into their vehicles, while in-store security may lose valuable seconds in pursuit. Mobile security guards can intercept thieves in parking lots and assist in loss prevention through communication with in-store security teams. 

Mobile security is among the most customizable of the services we offer at Blackbird Security. No matter how big or small your store or property is, we’ll work with you to develop the optimal security plan for your business. 

Ensure Staff Are Trained In Security Procedures

Investing in comprehensive staff training is crucial for effective loss prevention. By empowering your staff with the knowledge and skills to identify potential threats, you create a collaborative environment focused on safeguarding your business. Here are some specifics to consider:

Training and procedure: Provide clear guidelines and ensure your employees are educated in security best practices. This includes promptly reporting suspicious activity, keeping secure areas locked, and staying vigilant for potential threats.

Cash handling protocols: Train your staff on secure cash-handling procedures, including regular cash counts and secure storage practices. Ensure tills and checkout counters are equipped with counterfeit bill detector pens and train employees in their usage. For Canadian businesses, this is important when tendering American cash.

Review and update policies: Regularly review and update your security policies to address new challenges and reinforce existing protocols. Keep your staff informed about any policy changes to ensure a cohesive approach to security across all levels of the organization.

Security is not a one-size-fits-all solution and each business has a unique set of needs and challenges. When you hire Blackbird Security to protect your business, our team works with yours to develop a comprehensive, tailored security strategy employing industry best practices. 

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At Blackbird Security, our goal is to keep your business safe through Boxing Day, the holidays, and beyond. Whether through the use of uniformed guards, undercover loss prevention, mobile security patrols, or optimizing your team’s security strategy, we have a solution for all businesses this holiday season.

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