How to Prevent Car Theft and Keep Toronto Neighbourhoods Secure

Car theft continues to be a serious problem affecting neighbourhoods in Toronto. In March, the Toronto police reported that the first quarter of 2024 saw twice as many automobile thefts as the first quarter of 2023. The total number of carjackings in 2023 was over 12,200. Vancouver, for comparison, saw only 779 motor vehicle thefts last year.

What can Toronto residents do to keep their cars secure and prevent car thefts? In this blog, we’ll explore best practices for vehicle safety and dive into how Blackbird Security is helping Toronto’s residential neighbourhoods elevate their safety and security.

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Use Anti-Theft Devices In Your Car

One simple way to deter car thieves is to utilize anti-theft protection devices. Visible deterrents such as steering wheel locks and tire clamps can discourage thieves from attempting to steal your vehicle. These tools make it more difficult and time-consuming to steal a vehicle, increasing the likelihood that the thief will be deterred from attempting the theft. Additionally, consider investing in an alarm system that includes motion sensors, glass break detectors, and alarms to deter potential thieves.

Practice Car Safety Best Practices

When it’s possible, park in a secure parking facility such as a parkade or garage equipped with security cameras or with a parking enforcement security guard in attendance. If you must park on the street, be sure to park in a well-lit and busy location, such as on a major street. The presence of witnesses is a strong deterrent for potential criminals, who do not want to be seen while stealing vehicles. Additionally, be sure to remove any valuables from your car overnight. You should always lock your doors and secure your windows before exiting your vehicle.

Educate Yourself and Your Community

Stay informed about the latest car theft trends by paying attention to the news and guidance from law enforcement. Attend community meetings, participate in local safety programs, and share knowledge with friends, family, and neighbours.

Prioritize Your Safety

As stated by Toronto police, carjackers will sometimes break into the homes of their victims in order to steal car keys. If this unfortunate scenario happens to you, do not attempt to engage the thief or prevent the theft. Instead, prioritize your safety as well as the safety of your family members by calling 911 immediately and keeping your distance from the burglars.

How Blackbird Security Is Helping To Reduce Car Theft In Toronto

Blackbird Security is partnering with some Toronto neighbourhoods to provide mobile security patrol services to mitigate car thefts overnight. This provides a deterring factor against potential criminals, who are far less likely to commit a crime in the presence of a security guard.

Blackbird Security CEO, Ranko Vukovic, was featured by CTV News Toronto in a segment about car thefts in Toronto. Watch the news clip below.

Mobile Security Patrols Reduce Car Thefts

Mobile security patrols involve a security guard patrolling a neighbourhood in a marked security vehicle to monitor for crimes and ensure safety. These patrols provide a visible and active security presence, which serves as a deterrent to potential carjackers.

Mobile security patrols are versatile and can cover large areas efficiently, making them ideal for residential neighbourhoods. In the case of a triggered alarm from one of the cars in the neighbourhood, the mobile security guard will be able to respond immediately and effectively. Mobile patrol guards work in tandem with our 24/7 Control Centre to ensure this swift response.

Part of a mobile security guard’s duty includes writing detailed reports. In the unfortunate case of an automobile break-in or theft, these reports provide law enforcement with vital information and evidence, helping streamline the process for residents.

Partner With Toronto’s Best Neighbourhood Security Company

Preventing car theft requires a combination of proactive measures and community collaboration. Taking steps to keep your car secure with the best practices discussed in this blog is important for maintaining personal security, but partnering with a professional security company can bring your protective measures to the next level across the neighbourhood.

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