Blackbird Security Applies Event Security & Tactical Guard Expertise at Toronto's Three Crown Pub

At Blackbird Security, our team has decades of experience providing comprehensive security services – from specialised tactical guards to high-profile event protection. Recently, our expertise has been applied at the Three Crowns Pub in Toronto, Ontario, where the Blackbird Security team has been providing a secure environment to ensure that all loyal patrons can comfortably enjoy their visit.

Read on to learn more about how our expert team utilises their extensive knowledge when planning and executing ongoing security for this bustling hot spot, and how we develop customised plans to suit a variety of industries.

Blackbird Security: Uniformed Security Guards & More

When it comes to uniformed security guards, Blackbird’s expertise in specialised tactical guard training, event protection, and decades of experience in comprehensive security services allows us to ensure that your high-profile event will be in safe hands. Our team of professionals is equipped to handle any situation, from crowd control to emergency medical response.

Understanding the Need for Event Security & Tactical Guard

As part of Blackbird’s commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for the Three Crown Pub’s patrons, our services include a uniformed security guard, whose presence provides a professional deterrent to any unwanted behaviour. In addition to ensuring patrons' comfort and enjoyment during live events and parties, our security team is trained to actively de-escalate any disruptive situations that may arise, allowing everyone to have a great time without any unnecessary interruptions.

Blackbird’s Expert Security Services

At the Three Crown Pub, we have employed tactical security guards who are stationed at the front entrance of the venue to monitor and restrict access. They are trained to check for wristbands and communicate via radio with the rest of the team to ensure everything is under control. In case of any disruptive behaviour, our guards are also trained to verbally escort such clientele out of the restaurant and call the authorities if necessary. 

Comprehensive Security Plans

To develop a customised security plan, the Blackbird team worked closely with Three Crown Pub’s management team to ensure that we understood their unique needs and concerns. As a result, we are able to adhere to proper protocols and best practices in event security, thus providing comprehensive coverage that ensures both the safety of the patrons and the smooth execution of any occasion.

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Blackbird Security can help develop a tailored plan to suit your security needs! In addition to hospitality security and live event protection, we offer our services to the following industries: 

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