Blackbird Security Offers Protection for 15,000 Guest Food Festival

Recently, the Blackbird Security team had the pleasure of partnering with the annual Surrey Eventzilla Food Fest. This year, on June 2nd 2023, it was a Halal Ribfest, which expected up to 15,000 guests, and even more last-minute attendees on the opening day.

Our team provided this popular event with uniformed security guards, risk assessment details, on-site surveillance, crowd management strategies, proactive patrolling of the premises, access control measures, foot patrol, and much more — which allowed the 2023 Halal Ribfest to run safely and smoothly! Keep reading to find out more about our high-quality yet affordable solutions tailored specifically for your needs.

Event Security

At Blackbird Security, our protection measures extend to medium and large-scale events; whether you require a team of 10, 20, or more, we will tailor our services to meet your needs. 

In addition to general event security, the Blackbird team carries out each client contract with a friendly and professional approach, are attentive to the needs of all guests, and help to swiftly address any issues or concerns faced by the management team and event-goers alike.

Perimeter Patrol & Bag Checks

As part of Blackbird’s comprehensive protection services, bag checks are a vital part of keeping any large-scale event safe and secure. This includes a thorough inspection of attendees’ bags, efficient and diligent access control measures, and ensuring that prohibited items are not brought onto the premises.

Paired with bag inspections are our perimeter checks and foot patrol measures. This includes the consistent area surveillance of the premises, identifying and addressing potential security threats, and monitoring for any unauthorised access.

Crowd Control & Uniformed Guards

When you work with Blackbird Security, you’re partnering with tailored services that are designed to suit the needs of your business, event, or property. For the 2023 Halal Ribfest, our team provided 20 uniformed security guards and one site supervisor to oversee and manage the team, with 10 additional guards for overflow.

By stationing our large team of highly-trained uniformed security guards throughout the area, we were able to professionally manage the event’s nearly 15,000 attendees, and ensured a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Partner with the Best in Event Security

By partnering with Blackbird Security for your large-scale event, you're working with Canada's number-one provider of security and more. With our comprehensive and tailored security solutions, you can ensure the safety and success of your occasion — whether it's the 2023 Surrey Halal Ribfest or any other celebration. In addition to event security, we also offer the following protection services:

Get in touch with the Blackbird Security team today to see what comprehensive plan we can tailor to your needs! Don't hesitate to contact us and build a safer and more pleasant experience for all of your attendees. Give us a call, or fill out the contact form to get started!

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