Blackbird Security's Uniformed Guards Keep Statistics Canada Safe


When you partner with Canada’s leading security company, you’ll be ensuring the safety and security of your assets. With Blackbird Security’s tailored services, we are equipped to protect every industry, including vital government institutions such as Statistics Canada, the nationally recognized establishment that is responsible for providing reliable data to inform critical decisions.

Blackbird has become entrusted with the vital task of keeping Statistics Canada safe because of our advanced capabilities and cutting-edge systems. As the best in security services across the country, Blackbird’s highly-trained team is skilled in a number of techniques, including mobile patrol, parking enforcement, uniformed security, front desk security, and anti-vandalism procedures.

Uniformed Guards: The First Line of Defense

At the heart of Blackbird Security's protection strategy for Statistics Canada is the deployment of highly trained and professional uniformed guards. Our skilled personnel work tirelessly to ensure the safety of everyone within the facility, as well as safeguard sensitive information from potential intruders. Dressed in highly visible uniforms, our guards act as a deterrent, sending a clear message to potential wrongdoers that they are under watchful eyes.

Mobile Patrol Cars: Offering Round-the-Clock Security

In addition to uniformed guards, Blackbird Security utilises mobile patrols to provide an additional layer of protection for Statistics Canada. These mobile patrol cars, manned by a highly trained security team, watch the premises 24/7, ensuring that no threat goes unnoticed. Equipped with advanced technology, the security cars can respond to potential breaches within seconds, further ensuring the safety of the institution and its staff.

Foot Patrol Security: Ensuring the Safety of Every Corner

Complementing our mobile patrols, Blackbird Security's foot patrol security is strategically stationed throughout Statistics Canada's premises. Our highly trained personnel monitor every corner of the facility, including exits, entrances, and all common areas. Being on the ground allows our team to respond to incidents efficiently and quickly while offering a personable approach to staff and visitors alike.

Advanced Protection: Combating Vandalism & Loitering

Blackbird Security's comprehensive protection strategy goes beyond guarding people and assets - it also focuses on deterring vandalism and loitering. By implementing thorough measures to discourage unauthorised individuals from loitering around the premises and actively preventing instances of vandalism, the Blackbird team helps keep Statistics Canada's premises pristine and welcoming.

Parking Enforcement: Always Keeping Watch

Given the critical nature of the work carried out at Statistics Canada, maintaining a secure parking environment is essential. Blackbird Security's expert personnel are trained in parking enforcement, ensuring that rules are followed and unauthorised vehicles are identified and managed accordingly. Blackbird Security currently does parking enforcement for multiple clients in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg.

Weekly Reporting: Strength in Numbers

To ensure that security measures remain up-to-date and effective, Blackbird Security provides Statistics Canada with a weekly report detailing key observations, incidents, and recommended adjustments to the security strategy. This collaborative approach fosters continuous improvement, guaranteeing that our security recommendations remain tailored to the evolving needs of the institution.

Canada’s Best: Blackbird Security

Blackbird Security's commitment to providing unparalleled security solutions has made us the ideal choice to protect Statistics Canada. By utilising our expert uniformed guards, mobile patrol cars, foot patrol security, front desk security, and tailored protection solutions, our team ensures that this vital Canadian institution remains safe, secure, and focused on serving the nation.

In addition to our experience and expertise in keeping government facilities safe, we also offer comprehensive services to the following industries: 

With this and more, Blackbird remains the number-one choice for security service in Canada! Get in touch today to find out more.

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