Strata Security Services: Roles, Benefits, & Cost

If you live in or manage strata housing, such as a condominium or apartment building, then it’s likely you understand the value of providing or receiving secure and reliable safety services at your property. One of the best ways to invest in consistent, reliable, and accessible help is to hire a professional concierge security service like Blackbird Security. Our concierge and security patrol services provide specialised safety and management tools to protect your property and provide the highest level of customer service. Let’s explore the roles, benefits, and cost associated with hiring Blackbird Security for your strata housing.

Roles & Responsibilities of Strata Security Services

At Blackbird Security, we offer comprehensive concierge security and mobile patrol services that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each condominium property. Our team provides 24-hour monitoring, access control systems, visitor management systems, uniformed security, emergency response plans, and more. In addition to our commitment as security professionals, we also provide additional services such as front-line support, first aid assistance, upholding building policies, and acting as fire marshals in the event of an evacuation scenario.

Benefits of Strata Security Services

The benefits of utilising Blackbird Security’s concierge security officers and patrol security guards are numerous. Beyond providing high-quality security services that ensure the safety and well being of tenants throughout any condominium or strata property, we also provide an exceptional level of customer service that will help improve tenant satisfaction overall. Hiring a professional concierge security service also allows for better communication between tenants and staff, which can help foster relationships among them. Furthermore, having a professional safety service onsite always helps create an atmosphere that is comfortable for people in the residential community.

Cost Involved with Strata Security Services

The cost associated with hiring strata or condominium property security will depend on several factors. This includes the size of the property or properties, as well as any special requirements that the residence may have for additional services beyond basic security measures. While concierge security services are typically included as a basic element of strata security, other tasks may require a bigger team, or more time spent dedicated to keeping your property safe. The good news is that all costs include necessary training and insurance fees, so you don’t have to worry about incurring additional expenses to get up and running with Blackbird Security.

Working With Blackbird Security Has Never Been So Easy

Harnessing the benefits offered by professional concierge security services is an excellent choice for any condominium or strata property looking to keep everyone safe while simultaneously improving customer service levels for residents. With 24/7 monitoring capabilitiesconcierge security services, and mobile patrol officers, Blackbird Security’s strata services are the best available when it comes to finding a reliable safety provider at an affordable cost. Reap the rewards of residential security services by getting in touch with Blackbird Security today!

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