Blackbird Safeguards Alabaster Homes Through Comprehensive Security

In the landscape of urban development, site security remains a paramount concern, and as cities grow and communities expand, the need for comprehensive solutions becomes increasingly evident. This is where Blackbird Security steps in, providing unwavering protection for Burnaby's Alabaster Homes development since May 2023.

The rapidly evolving urbanisation in Burnaby, BC, brought to light the necessity for a protection partner that could offer parking lot enforcement, condominium and residential security, and mobile patrols. Blackbird seized this opportunity, establishing a strong presence to safeguard the premises and its occupants.

Tailored Plans for Complete Protection

The cornerstone of Blackbird's approach lies in its range of services designed to address every security concern. At Alabaster Homes, the Blackbird team has seamlessly integrated an array of security measures to create an impenetrable shield.

One of the standout features of Blackbird's service is our regular mobile patrol checks. Trained personnel meticulously navigate the premises, conducting thorough inspections to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities with our TrackTik technology that includes GPS check-ins, tokens, and in-time reporting. Our commitment is unwavering, extending into the night with overnight patrols that deter any unauthorised activities.

The parking lot, often a vulnerable area, receives specialised attention from Blackbird's experts. Our team has implemented cutting-edge parking lot security measures that deter potential threats and provide residents and visitors with peace of mind.

Access control stands as another pillar of Blackbird's service offering. Through advanced techniques, the entry and exit points of Alabaster Homes remain tightly regulated, thwarting any unauthorised access. This proactive approach adds an additional layer of security, preventing potential incidents before they can unfold.

Expanding Horizons with Nationwide Security Services

The success and recognition garnered through our exemplary services in Burnaby have fueled Blackbird's ambition. That’s why, as Alabaster Homes continue to expand their development footprint, Blackbird's experienced team will move with them into Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, adapting and enhancing our security measures to match the evolving landscape. 

Blackbird's Experienced Overnight Security

The Burnaby site's unique requirements necessitate an experienced and vigilant team that remains active during the night. Blackbird Security has risen to the challenge, providing a dedicated team that ensures the safety of Alabaster Homes, even when darkness falls. To ensure our overnight clients are always supported, Blackbird Security has a 24/7 Control Centre that will dispatch a mobile driver to check on your potential emergency right away. This round-the-clock commitment reflects our dedication to creating a secure environment at all times.

Patrolling for Perfection: Blackbird's Mobile Patrol Vigilance

Maintaining a secure environment involves constant protection, and Blackbird's guards are equipped to deliver just that, conducting regular patrols to cover every inch of the development. This proactive approach ensures that potential security threats are swiftly identified and neutralised, contributing to the site’s overall safety.

In addition to Burnaby, Blackbird Security’s expansive mobile patrol service can support areas such as Richmond, Surrey, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Vancouver, the North Shore and most areas in the Lower Mainland. 

Partner with Canada’s Number-One Security Team

Blackbird's partnership with Burnaby's Alabaster Homes stands as a testament to our commitment to tailored solutions. From parking lot protection to access control and overnight patrols, our holistic approach leaves no stone unturned.

With comprehensive protection available in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, our security services can also be acquired in the following cities across the country: 

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