On-Site at Speedy Transport Group with Blackbird Security

As the top security provider in Canada, Blackbird Security takes great pride in protecting the sites of Speedy Transport Group, ensuring that their valuable assets and personnel are secure. Blackbird currently provides around-the-clock on-side security guard services to Speedy’s Brampton, Milton, and Pickering locations in Ontario.

At all times, our professional approach ensures a safe working environment for everyone at the site. Here, we'll look at what a day on-site with Blackbird looks like, and explain in detail how we keep Speedy Transport’s industrial sites in Ontario protected.

Gatehouse Guard Duties

One of the critical responsibilities of Blackbird Security on-site at Speedy Transport Group is to ensure the smooth and secure operation of gatehouse duties. The following are the main responsibilities of our gatehouse guards:

  • Checking exiting trucks to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Ensuring truck numbers match gate passes to avoid slip-ups
  • Confirming the contents of the truck trailers so nothing goes missing
  • Ensuring there are no discrepancies in any aspect of the gatehouse operation

By maintaining tight and efficient gatehouse security, Blackbird minimizes the risk of breaches and ensures all trucks and personnel entering and leaving the facility have undergone proper security checks.

Patrol Guard Duties

Another fundamental aspect of Blackbird Security's duties at Speedy Transport Group involves patrol guards diligently watching the premises. Some of the main mobile patrol duties include:

  • Making sure gates are shut and locked when appropriate to keep the site secure
  • Maintaining a consistent patrol frequency, ensuring that areas are consistently checked
  • Regularly conducting site checks in Blackbird vehicles, increasing our team’s visibility and deterrence
  • Ensuring no damage has been done to the site or theft has been achieved by promptly addressing any suspicious or unusual activity

With our team of dedicated patrol guards, Blackbird Security ensures that the entire facility remains well-protected, deterring any potential intruders or unauthorized personnel from entering the site.

Access Control Duties

With a focus on controlling access to the premises, Blackbird ensures that only authorized personnel are allowed to enter Speedy Transport’s facility. Our team is equipped to address various situations, including handling the entry of employees, drivers, and even ex-employees. Access control also involves the following duties:

  • Determining whether visitors can gain or deny admittance to the site
  • To request further information (ID) or site authorisation before allowing someone access to the site 
  • Checking credentials to determine if someone is authorised to be in the yard 
  • To revoke a right to remain in location or site 
  • To protect unauthorized vehicles coming into the site or leaving the site

In addition, we take measures to prevent organized theft and deter vagrants from entering the property. With Blackbird Security on the job, you can rest assured knowing that your property and personnel are in good hands.

Choose Blackbird for Unmatched Industrial Security

As a proud partner of Speedy Transport Group, Blackbird Security maintains a clear, visible, and professional presence on-site at this transport giant's various Ontario locations throughout the greater Toronto area. Don't leave your industrial site's security to chance! For experts in industrial, warehouse, and construction site security, choose Blackbird!

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