Introducing the Future of Security: Blackbird Security's Mobile Program

Evolving security threats call for revolutionary solutions. At Blackbird Security, we're always pushing the boundaries to deliver top-notch security services for our clients. That's why we're excited to present our expanding program – our Mobile Program! As we strive to stay on the cutting edge of security technology, we also want to do our part to save the environment. Our Mobile Program aims to achieve both these objectives, and we're looking forward to sharing its benefits!

Starting in Vancouver and heading into Edmonton, Calgary, the Greater Toronto Area, Brampton, and across Ontario, Blackbird Security is taking concrete steps toward implementing a new system that uses electric cars for security personnel mobility. Our transition to an all-electric fleet isn’t just about providing better security, but also about leaving a positive impact on the environment and ensuring cost-effective operations. 

Positive Environmental Impact

Currently, Blackbird proudly boats hybrid car fleets across the country, with the inclusion of a few electric cars. These vehicles are used in mobile patrol, perimeter checks, uniformed security, and by our tactical guards. However, by 2025, we aim to incorporate EV’s into all of our mobile teams within Canada.

By introducing electric cars to our fleet, we're consciously reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to the fight against climate change. Electric vehicles emit zero tailpipe emissions, minimising pollution caused by traditional gas-powered vehicles. This shift has a domino effect by cutting down on harmful fluids, lessening waste, and ultimately making the world a cleaner and greener place.

Cost-Effective Operations

By making the effort to transition from hybrid vehicles to electric cars by 2025, we're cutting down on ever-increasing fuel costs, offering a more cost-effective solution to our clients. The savings we obtain translate into better pricing for our security solutions, helping to make our top-quality services more widely accessible.

With so many of our services depending on our vehicle fleet, electric cars would serve a variety of Blackbird services, including mobile patrol, regular surveillance, perimeter checks, tactical security, access control systems, and more.

Mobility of Our Security Personnel Team

With our new Mobile Program, our uniformed security and tactical guards can now move around faster, covering a wider area and responding quickly to potential security breaches. The greater mobility brought by the electric car fleet ensures that our professionals are always ready to handle any security threat efficiently and effectively.

Join Us in Our Mission to Protect & Conserve

This exciting new chapter in our story marks a significant milestone towards our goals of top-notch security and environmental conservation. But we can't do this alone. Partner with Blackbird Security today and support our move towards the unity of state-of-the-art security services and environmentally-friendly initiatives. With electric cars as part of our Vancouver and Lower Mainland fleet, we aspire to add EV’s to our hybrid fleets in Edmonton, the Greater Toronto Area, and the following cities:

Curious to learn more? Let's chat! Feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members to discuss how our Mobile Program can benefit you and your security needs. Go green with Blackbird Security and experience the future of safety and sustainability!

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