Blackbird Security Partners with Alberta’s Pure Casinos as Overnight Guard Presence

When it comes to providing industry-leading security services, Blackbird Security provides the highest level of protection across Canada. We recently had the opportunity to provide our overnight uniform security guard presence at Alberta’s two Pure Casinos.

We are proud to be a part of keeping Pure Casino safe, and to ensure their guests and staff are secure by providing monitoring around the clock. Here’s how we do it:

Creating a Tailored Solution for Pure Casino

At Blackbird Security, we take pride in creating tailored solutions for each of our clients and their unique needs. We understand that every business and situation is different and that casino security is extremely important needs to be customized to the site; that’s why we take extra care in understanding the specific requirements of each client before creating a plan of action for our security guards.

For Pure Casino, this meant crafting a strategy that focused on the safety and security of their guests without sacrificing customer service or convenience during their visit. Our actionable plan includes ensuring that all entrances to the property are covered by a uniform guard 24 hours a day, thus providing an additional layer of security while also giving visitors peace of mind as they enter and exit the casino floor.

We also implement strict protocols when it comes to monitoring surveillance and CCTV footage from around the property. With our experience and training, the Blackbird Security team is able to keep an eye on activity both inside and outside of the casino in real time, allowing us to intervene quickly if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

Additionally, we provide access control measures, such as keycards and locks, which allow us to further restrict access within certain areas of the property, ensuring that only authorised personnel can enter those areas at any given time.

Providing Superior Customer Service

The Blackbird Security team understands that providing superior customer service is just as important as providing superior security solutions for our clients. For Pure Casino, our team works hard to make sure that every guest feels safe and secure throughout their stay, without feeling like they were being overly monitored or scrutinised in any way.

We also make sure that our guards maintain an elite and professional demeanour at all times while interacting with guests and staff alike, no matter what kind of situation they may be faced with while on duty. This allows us to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable knowing that they are always protected by a highly trained group of professionals who take great pride in providing excellent customer service alongside executive protection.

Experts in Uniformed Security & More

At Blackbird Security, we are passionate about providing exceptional security solutions tailored specifically for each client’s particular needs - and Alberta’s Pure Casinos are no exception. By implementing uniform guards, strict surveillance protocols, access control measures, and more, we are able to provide a safe overnight presence for Pure Casino -  without sacrificing customer service or convenience for their guests or staff members alike. This is what makes Blackbird Security the best security company in Calgary and Edmonton.

If you're looking for reliable security services from experienced professionals you can trust - look no further than Blackbird Security. Get in touch today to find out more!

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