How Much Security Do You Need for an Event?

A question we get asked alot at Blackbird Security by our existing and potential clients, is how much security do you need to hire for an event?

If you are planning an upcoming event, be it a corporate holiday party, concert, festival, conference, product launch, or trade show, ensuring you have enough event security is a must to protect your guests and ensure you or your business are covered against any potential liabilities.

Here are a few essentials we recommend you consider during the planning process to determine how much security will be needed for your upcoming event.

Existing Security Measures

Before you begin, assess the security measures that are already in place. Does the event venue have security cameras or security personnel on-site? Is there a concierge to greet guests, or a mobile patrol service stationed outside the building? Any measures that are already in place can impact the type of security you need to hire, as well as how much security will be required.

Venue Layout & Location

Next, you will need to consider the layout of the event space and where the event venue is located. If the venue is large, with multiple points of interest for attendees, it's likely that more security will be needed to help control the flow of traffic, greet guests, secure entrances, and act as a visible deterrent to crime throughout. This will be equally true of any event venue that is located in an area that is at greater risk of criminal behaviour.


More often than not, events with larger budgets will have more bells and whistles that require enhanced security. For example, events that have budgeted for fireworks, professional performances, or luxurious swag bags will require more security to protect people and prevent losses than those that don’t. It’s important to consider your budget, and how it will impact the details of your event. A professional security company will work with you to find a coverage solution that will fit the event's needs, as much as your budget. 

VIP Attendees

Have a look at your guest lists and determine how many, if any, VIP guests will be in attendance. If VIP guests will be present, it will likely be necessary to up the number of event security and/or the type of security personnel present at the event to ensure your VIP attendees have their own coverage.

Some guests such as Government officials, well-known performers, or those required to handle high-ticket items, typically require that events be adequately staffed before they commit to attending. In fact, it’s often written into service contracts, or requested by their representatives when they are scouting an event location.

Duration & Capacity

An event lasting two hours will require significantly different security needs than an event lasting two days. Just as an event with a venue capacity of 50 guests versus 1,000 or more will require different needs. It’s important to consider how long an event will be running to account for breaks and shift changes of security personnel. Furthermore, having firm numbers for the event with an understanding of the venue’s capacity will impact security guard numbers. An industry standard for many events is to have one security guard per 100 attendees. That being said, professional security companies will work with you on this number based on the specifications of your event.


An event that serves alcohol, such as a holiday party or a sports game, usually requires a different level of crowd control than a dry event, like a conference or trade show. If you will be serving alcohol, it’s important to consider how this will impact how much security is required to support your event to ensure guests and staff remain safe. 

Need Help Planning the Security for Your Event?

At Blackbird Security, our security experts help you by conducting a security site assessment, or physical risk assessment, with actionable recommendations on how to safeguard your event and prevent risk. This includes the type and how much security you will need to hire for your event.

To get started with your event security assessment, contact us today.

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