Blackbird Security Partners with Best Buy on Robson

Blackbird is proud to be the number one choice in security for several big names in retail across Canada. Renowned in Vancouver, BC as the leading-edge security company in the area, we are excited to announce our partnership with retail giant Best Buy at their flagship store on Robson & Granville.
Best Buy is Canada’s largest retailer of consumer electronics, boasting a wide range of quality appliances, computers, cameras, home theatre essentials, and much more. Many Canadians rely on them for their diverse offering of products for almost every tech need, and its sprawling location on Robson makes it an especially popular destination with customers. 
Blackbird Security currently serves a number of Best Buys in provinces across Canada, including BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec. With a proven track record in first-class security and effective loss prevention, it’s no wonder Best Buy was eager to strike up another partnership at their flagship Vancouver store. 

The Blackbird Security team is thrilled to provide protection for this Canadian company, helping them protect their stores and warehouse from security threats and theft. In this blog post we'll take a look at how Blackbird is protecting Best Buy and offering peace of mind to shoppers and staff alike.

Blackbird Security - Loss Prevention at Best Buy Robson

Canadian businesses lose close to $5 billion in retail theft every year. With countless valuable electronics in store, Best Buy relies on Blackbird Security to both prevent retail loss from occurring and intercept thieves before they can leave the store. 

As part of our completely customizable security services, Blackbird will have 24-hour Tactical Security Guards stationed at Best Buy Robson. Their goal is to prevent retail loss, crime, and disturbances throughout the store. 

Blackbird’s tactical officers offer more than just loss prevention and watertight security, however. They also serve as a composed and authoritative presence, improving the shopping experience for consumers and offering employees increased peace of mind. Our security team is prepared to manage any aggressive or violent circumstances that may occur, freeing Best Buy staff to concentrate on their duties maintaining inventory and serving customers. This relieves them of the responsibility of handling circumstances that they might not have been trained to manage.

Blackbird Security - Protecting the Best Buy Warehouse in Langley 

Retail stores aren’t the only sitting ducks for theft and crime, however. Canadian businesses lose hundreds of millions of dollars annually as a result of warehouse theft. Inadequate security and protection make warehouses an easy target for criminals. 
That’s why Best Buy chose Blackbird Security to provide protection to their Langley Warehouse, as well. As part of their tailored security plan offering overnight and access control security, Blackbird will be providing:
Each of our warehouse security team members undergo OFA-2 (Occupational First Aid) certification, as well as extensive training in report writing, computer skills, CCTV monitoring and incident de-escalation. Along with providing patrol services, they are also able to assist with access control, crowd management, foot patrols, gatehouse services, CCTV monitoring and handling phone/email requests – all while ensuring the facility remains safe and secure at all times. 


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