Top 5 Security Mistakes Made by Property Owners

Across Canada, break-ins and property crime remains a stubbornly widespread problem. The pandemic accelerated behavioural change in our cities, with the rise of work from home and online shopping leaving our downtown streets lighter in footfall than before. 

Opportunistic criminals have exploited this space, enjoying more time and less scrutiny while they carry out their crimes. Property owners don’t have to meekly accept this rise in risk. A few carefully considered changes can provide widespread protection against property crime and break-ins. For everything else, Blackbird Security’s industry leading range of  private security services are ready to act as your frontline deterrent. 

If you’ve been dealing with crime at your property, check out our list of the top 5 security mistakes made by property owners, and discover simple ways you can quickly improve your security and deter criminal behaviour.

  1. Property Appears Neglected or Vacant

Criminals love an easy mark. If your property is in disarray, with overflowing garbage cans, overflowing mailboxes and lack of any lighting – it’s like rolling out a welcome mat for crime. It doesn’t need a genius to make an educated guess that the property’s security is similarly neglected. Take the time to tidy up your property exterior, install automated lighting, and criminals will likely keep looking for an easier target.



Blackbird Security’s  Mobile Security Patrol is the perfect service to assist in this task, with our guards performing randomized patrols around your property.

     2. Easy Access

Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The same is true of a property. You may have security cameras, motion activated lights and other deterrents, but if your doors or windows aren’t secured, criminals will soon notice. Conduct a full perimeter check of your property, looking at areas like doors, windows, skylights, roof access – ensure every access point is locked with a robust lock that would take time to overcome. If your property uses keycards, keep track of every person with credentials and create policies for reporting any cards that go missing or are stolen.

     3. Visible Valuables

One of the most common types of property crime in our cities is the smash and grab. Criminals will see something valuable that they can easily grab, and they’ll crudely smash a window or door to get to it. Taking away this temptation is easy. Anything kept at your property of value should be stored in a central location, under lock and key, and away from outside view. Remove the temptation and you massively improve your security.

     4. Poor Lighting

Criminals are shy and nocturnal in their habits. They like to operate under the cover of darkness. If you have any access points shrouded in shadows, or lack of light at night time, this is a tempting invitation for criminals to probe and find weaknesses. The simple act of auditing your lighting and covering access points will lead to a dramatic reduction in crime at your property.

    5. Lack of Visible Security

As criminals become more brazen, the presence of a security guard will sometimes be the only deterrent they pay attention to. Blackbird Security offers a wide range of security guards and security services to fit every budget. Whether it’s our industry leading concierge security, uniformed guards, or mobile security patrols, our flexible options help to protect clients across Canada. The best part? We offer free consultations to assess your security needs, before devising a custom security plan that works to service your needs.

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