Blackbird Security Extending its Partnership with The Quad at York

Known for providing first-class campus protection across Canada, Blackbird Security is proud to announce an extended partnership with The Quad at York. 

Our expert concierge services have brought safety and confidence to residents, staff, and guests of The Quad since April 2022. Now, with The Quad Phase 2 opening this fall semester, Blackbird Security will be providing 24-hour security services to this next phase of premium student housing. 

The Quad Phase 2 

The Quad is a fully equipped student housing complex that is situated south of York's Keele Campus and has swiftly grown into a thriving campus neighbourhood. Students don’t need to leave the area to reach great amenities – restaurants, hair salons, coffee shops, and even bicycle repair shops are located right there. 

Much like Phase 1, the Phase 2 complex will offer the same exceptional lifestyle and community programming. However, Phase 2 will have an additional 708 beds, with a larger variety of floor plans, and shared accommodations.

Blackbird Security – 24 / 7 Peace of Mind for Residents 

Blackbird Security’s uniformed guards are stationed onsite at Phase 2 to offer 24 hour patrol security, carrying out day-to-day tasks such as scanning for safety hazards, securing compromised access points, preventing property damage, addressing potential environmental concerns, and handling suspicious activity. They are also expertly trained to act in an emergency, providing prompt first aid assistance, acting as fire marshal, and preventing and stopping criminal activity. 

Thanks to our newly extended partnership, residents of The Quad Phase 2 can now enjoy the same safety and peace of mind as those in Phase 1. Whether residents are returning from a late-night study session or leaving before sunrise for an early class, a skilled Blackbird Security representative will be there to act as a welcoming presence and ensure all access to the building is closely monitored and controlled at all hours. 

Campus security is more than just protecting student property. Thanks to the expert instruction at Blackbird Academy, our security officers in Ontario are thoroughly trained to be discrete and friendly while assisting residents in any emergency situations that may arise. Their priority is to ensure that students are able to focus academically while enjoying the comfort and benefits of their Quad community, without having to worry about their safety or any external threats. 

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