Blackbird Security Partners with Aritzia for their Annual Warehouse Sale

At Blackbird Security, we love the thrill of a new opportunity to provide security services for a unique project or location. When Aritzia approached us to provide our industry leading security guards for their annual Warehouse Sale at Vancouver Convention Centre, we were more than happy to assist.

Aritzia Warehouse Sale - A Unique Security Challenge 

Every year towards the end of summer, Aritzia hosts a week-long sale boasting significant markdowns at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Thousands of shoppers flock to this annual sale, hunting for the most coveted styles at a reduced price point. This year, the sale will be held from August 30 - September 5, and is expected to draw approximately 65,000 shoppers in total over the course of the sale. For loyal Aritzia customers, the Warehouse Sale is not to be missed. 

This bustling setting presents a uniquely challenging environment for security staff, with crowds of shoppers offering opportunity for disorderly conduct and retail theft. Every year, Canadian retailers lose over $8 billion to shoplifters, and partnerships like Aritzia and Blackbird Security are a tried-and-true way to prevent these unfortunate losses from happening. 

How Blackbird Security Works with Aritzia 

Known for its stylish women’s apparel and signature fabrics, Aritzia has amassed a cult-like following of loyal fans. Founded in Vancouver and once known mostly among Canadians, Aritzia has recently gained massive appeal beyond our borders, experiencing huge growth during the pandemic in the US thanks to social media. This is Blackbird’s first partnership with Aritzia, and we hope it will be the first of many more to come.

When representing such a beloved brand, our security guards understand that they are acting as frontline brand ambassadors. With this in mind, they execute their tasks in a polite, professional, and approachable manner. Here are just some of the ways we will be providing industry leading security at the Aritzia Warehouse Sale: 

Supervision and a Visual Deterrent 

Blackbird’s Uniformed Security Guards will act as calm and authoritative supervisors during the Warehouse Sale, ensuring policies are enforced, and working as a clear visual deterrent to shoplifters. A potential shoplifter's activity becomes too risky to carry out when they believe they may be being observed. At such a large-scale event, it wouldn’t be realistic to expect Aritzia’s in-house personnel to do their tasks while simultaneously keeping an eye out for suspicious behaviour. Thankfully, that’s where Blackbird’s team of highly trained security professionals excel. Our uniformed guards will be stationed throughout the floor, near fitting rooms, and around emergency exits to curb any criminal activity and prevent retail loss. 

Line Control

In a busy setting like the Aritzia Warehouse Sale, footfall is expected to be extremely high. To maintain a smooth client flow while keeping an eye out for suspicious behaviour, guards must always be on the lookout. Our security experts will ensure that lineups stay orderly on both entry and exit, and that no one enters the shopping area without first waiting their turn in line.

Bag Checks

Hand-in-hand with line control is the need for experienced bag checking. Our uniformed guards are extremely vigilant and trained in what to look for, acting quickly to apprehend any shoplifters or customers attempting to enter with suspicious items. 

Retail Security – Let Blackbird Security Help

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