The Benefits of Office Concierge Security

One of Blackbird Security’s services that has been seeing an increase in demand is Office Concierge Security. These dependable security professionals raise the bar on front desk security, providing both watertight access control while offering courteous customer service. This niche role in the security industry shouldn’t be underestimated for the invaluable service it brings to offices and their employees. 

As part of their daily roles, these flexible security officers will seamlessly slip into their front desk duties, providing a frontline security presence while greeting visitors, enforcing office policies and maintaining surveillance of assigned areas. Not only will they help employees feel secure at work, they can also act as a first point of contact in an emergency, among other important tasks. 

If you’re considering upgrading your office concierge security, here are five benefits of partnering with the number one security provider in Canada - Blackbird Security.

Available as many hours as you need it

Our office concierge services are flexible and can be tailored to a workplace’s individual needs. We understand each office is different. That’s why we’re proud to offer security solutions tailored to your building and employee’s unique requirements. If you have staff members who work late and need a security presence overnight, or you want your security guards to be the first presence in the building at the start of a workday, our team will be there when you need them with a calm and reassuring presence.

First-class security coverage

Whether they’re patrolling the parkade, monitoring CCTV footage, or checking employee IDS, our concierge security team is there to spot and prevent threats before they happen. Having front desk security at your office building gives you eyes and ears everywhere, offering you the confidence and peace of mind to focus on what’s important to you. If an incident does occur, you can trust them to prepare a detailed report with their findings so you’re updated as soon as possible.

COVID-19 policy enforcement

Each business gets to choose the best way forward as they monitor the situation of the pandemic. Whatever policies you decide upon to keep your staff safe, our concierge security team will enforce them respectfully and professionally. Our staff have been on the frontlines throughout the pandemic and are well-equipped to adapt to the changing landscape. They’re ready to act as champions of your health and safety policies. Our team’s thorough conflict resolution and customer service training ensures any confrontations are dealt with swiftly and calmly. 

 Emergency response preparedness

One of the best reasons to have a security concierge on-site is their ability to act as fire marshal in the event of an emergency. Each of our concierge professionals is trained in occupational first aid as well as fire marshaling and evacuation procedures. In the event of an emergency, a skilled concierge will calmly take the lead, swiftly and thoroughly helping those within the building find the emergency exit with utmost professionalism. Having a front desk security team at your office building ensures extra protection for your staff if disaster should strike. 

Enforce building policies

The nature of office buildings may result in unintended problems. If your building has areas of restricted access or rooms with sensitive information, it’s important to make sure only those with the proper credentials can enter them and that theft does not occur. Whatever the issue, our residential concierge security guards are eager to enforce your building policies. Their dedicated conflict resolution training will help ensure tensions are diffused before they have the chance to escalate. 

Partner with Blackbird Security

Concierge guards provide a range of services to protect your office building or other property in the right ways that you need. If you have questions about concierge services, or think that they might be a good fit, please get in touch!

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