Blackbird Security Partners with Value Village in Ottawa, Ontario

Blackbird Security is excited to share that we have partnered with Value Village, a popular second-hand thrift store, in Ottawa, Ontario to provide security services.

About Value Village

Since their humble thrift shop beginnings in 1954, Value Village has become a staple in the second-hand store space. The company has grown from a single shop called an old movie theatre in San Francisco’s Mission District home, to a global reuse champion. From day one, the company has provided shoppers with stylish, preloved finds and has made it their mission to do good for the planet.

Value Village locations partner with local nonprofit organizations to acquire second-hand merchandise for their stores. They accept donations of clothing and household items on their behalf, and have created a leading recycling and reuse program, where they keep, on average, 700 million pounds of reusable items out of area landfills every year.

Our Partnership

Value Village stores have an extensive amount of merchandise on display throughout their stores, including clothing, accessories, home goods, books, footwear, and more. Due to the high volume of goods, and the fact that the popular thrift stores use standard price tags and stickers instead of electronic security tags, the stores are often a target for shoplifting.

As such, the Value Village location in Ottawa, Ontario has partnered with Blackbird Security to help deter potential theft and protect their in-store merchandise.

Blackbird’s Tactical Security guards will greet shoppers entering the stores, and act as a highly visible security presence. This will help deter would-be-criminals from pocketing merchandise or swapping price stickers on higher ticket items while they shop, in turn reducing potential losses for the company. 

Additionally, guards will greet shoppers and oversee activities in the store, keeping a watchful eye on suspicious activity and reporting and responding as needed.

Why Thrift Store Owners Partner With the Experts at Blackbird Security

Our security team is trained to work proactively. When they are on-site at a thrift store, they look at different ways to improve the existing security protocols and identify potential gaps before they become an issue.

Stores that specialize in second-hand goods with a large quantity of merchandise on display that are experiencing any degree of theft, will benefit from an external party like Blackbird Security performing a detailed review of their security measures. Identifying these gaps can help reduce significant losses that are due to shrinkage.

Thrift stores provide shopping solutions for a variety of clients, and as a result, they have a great deal of traffic. With an on-site security presence, store staff can rest assured knowing that a professional, trained in monitoring shoppers in a discreet and respectful manner, is available to pacify and handle criminals, when necessary until police support arrives.

Discover the Blackbird Security Difference

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