Blackbird Security Partners with UNIQLO Clothing Company Across Canada

Blackbird Security is pleased to share that we have partnered with UNIQLO, the Japanese Clothing Company, across Canada to provide loss prevention services.


UNIQLO is a clothing company founded in Japan in 2015 that provides casual apparel for women, men and children. 

The unique clothing chain seeks to develop radical new materials and create basic designs, while providing their shoppers with more affordable prices.

The global brand has amassed over 1,000 stores worldwide, with several locations across Canada, including in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

Our Partnership

The popular retail company has hired Blackbird Security’s highly trained loss prevention team to provide on-site services in their retail locations across Canada. 

The Blackbird team will be stationed in UNIQLO stores to greet and welcome customers and oversee the safety and security of shoppers, staff and the in-store merchandise that’s on display throughout their stores. 

Why do Companies like UNIQLO Choose Blackbird Security?

1. Deter Shoplifters

Retail losses due to criminal behaviour continue to climb, and companies like UNIQLO recognize the importance of adopting a loss prevention protocol. 

Blackbird Security’s highly trained loss prevention team are expert in retail loss prevention and shrinkage reduction. We provide a visible deterrent to potential crimes while overseeing customers as they shop and providing discrete observations of potential threats.

2. Added Customer Service

    Blackbird’s loss prevention experts are trained to offer the level of customer service and reliability that retail shoppers have come to expect. 

    Our loss prevention team will greet and welcome customers in a warm and friendly manner, allowing them to feel comfortable when entering your store. If customers have questions or require assistance to shop in your store, our team will advise them as best they can, or guide them to a member of your staff.

    3. Enhanced Security Measures

    Each year, retail crime costs Canadian businesses close to $5 billion. Independent stores present a particularly vulnerable target, with 87.5 percent of independent retailers reporting at least one incidence of theft per year. 

    Blackbird's loss prevention team will work within your store's existing security protocols and identify opportunities to enhance your security measures. 

    Additionally, our experts can monitor in-store CCTV, provide access point control, write reports to document activities and work to build cases for the successful prosecution of repeat offenders.

    4. On-Site Emergency Response

    Hiring a loss prevention team, like Blackbird Security, is also beneficial for retail providers where security teams are dual-trained to provide emergency response. 

    Blackbird’s experts can offer a frontline response in emergencies, including non-violent crisis intervention and first aid for staff and guests. They can also maintain public order within your store in the event of an evacuation or external threat.

    Is Your Loss Prevention Strategy Working?

    Do you have an effective loss prevention strategy in place? If you’re working with a security company, do they provide the level of value and customer service that your store deserves? If not, it’s time to consider working with Canada’s loss prevention specialists.

    Whether you operate a small business, such as a local convenience store or mom-and-pop shop, or a large-scale retail outlet with multiple locations, we can build a custom security plan that’s designed to maximize your store’s coverage, while working within your existing security protocols and budget.

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