Blackbird Security Partners with Three New MEC Locations in Toronto

This fall, MEC is opening three new brick-and-mortar shops in Hudson’s Bay department stores across Toronto. This move will provide MEC with a stronger in-person presence in the Toronto area while providing Hudson’s Bay with access to outdoor apparel retail opportunities. In advance of this launch, MEC made the wise move to partner with Blackbird Security to provide first-class retail security and loss prevention for all three stores.

Blackbird is proud to already protect several other MEC stores across Canada. Regarded as the best security company Toronto has to offer, it’s no wonder MEC was eager to partner with us to protect their newest locations. 

How Blackbird Security Works with MEC

MEC is a well-known retailer of recreational and outdoor gear with a vast selection of high-quality goods, apparel, and services. Canadians love MEC for their broad selection of goods for virtually all outdoor activities. Customers in Toronto that are seeking quality outdoor equipment will be thrilled to learn they can access three new stores around the city. 

The Blackbird Tactical Security team is pleased to offer security for this Canadian-founded company, assisting them in defending their apparel and products against threats to retail security. We will be providing them with loss prevention officers (LPO) to each Hudson’s Bay location. These tactical security guards are highly trained to spot theft before it happens and intercept potential thieves before they can escape with any goods, as well as provide a reassuring presence and make any arrests as needed. 

A security guard stands inside an outdoor goods department store.

Why MEC Relies on Blackbird's Loss Prevention Officers 

MEC understands that minimizing retail theft and averting losses means depending on Blackbird's on-site security. That’s because it’s been shown that stores with tactical officers suffer far less revenue loss from shoplifting. LPO officers are experienced in preventing retail crime before it happens, and handling any events that do arise with the utmost professionalism. MEC will see fewer losses with our uniformed guards on the job, allowing them to keep investing in the greatest new gear for its customers and loyal members.

However, Blackbird's tactical security officers provide more than just loss prevention. As security guards who have also been trained in customer service, they act as an approachable and helpful presence, improving the customer shopping experience and taking some of the burden off retail employees when their hands are full. 

Our officers are ready at any moment to manage any aggressive or violent circumstances that may occur, freeing retail staff to concentrate on their duties maintaining inventory and serving customers. This relieves them of the responsibility of handling circumstances that they might not be prepared to manage.

Partner with Blackbird Security For Your Retail Security Needs

If your retail business is seeking Retail Security, Loss Prevention, or one of our other customizable security services, our Blackbird Security professionals are ready and eager to offer their protection. Our team offers flexible plans tailor-made to meet the needs of your business. Contact us today to get started.

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