Blackbird Security Partners with Harry Rosen in Montreal

As the leading security firm in Canada, Blackbird is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Harry Rosen in Montreal. Since May 2022, Blackbird Security professionals have been providing Elite Suit and Tie security services to Harry Rosen stores in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Toronto. Starting this month, Blackbird Security will also be offering its first-class protection to the Montreal location, enhancing the high-end shopping experience while safeguarding Harry Rosen's retail security and ensuring their valuable retail is kept safe. 

Our professional security staff is ready to deliver the best possible experiences in Montreal’s Harry Rosen location, with an emphasis on delivering exceptional first impressions, customer service, and loss prevention. 

First-class Customer Service and Protection

For the upscale boutique Harry Rosen, creating an impeccable first impression is key. Blackbird Protection will be offering ongoing Elite Suit and Tie services to Harry Rosen in Montreal, seven days a week. In addition to providing the level of service that their target customers expect, our expert security personnel take great pleasure in ensuring that customers have a secure and enjoyable shopping experience. They are essential to Harry Rosen’s continual efforts to prevent retail loss and provide top-of-the-line security protection. 

Why Elite Suit and Tie?

If you have a high-end or luxury retail brand, elite suit and tie guards are the professionals you want representing your store. The presence of an elite suit and tie security service sets an immediate precedent. A security guard is frequently one of the first individuals that consumers or attendees of a high-end event or premium retail establishment interact with – these security guards affect your clients' initial perception of your brand. 

Whether they are opening the front door to welcome someone inside or watching the entryway to a private party, you want to create an exceptional first impression. A security officer dressed in a suit and tie suggests that visitors are entering a serious and professional setting where their behaviour is under close observation, and anything less than professional will not be accepted.

Partner with Blackbird Security for Elite Suit and Tie Security 

Are you looking to enhance your elite suit and tie security? Our Elite division employs flawlessly dressed security officers that uphold the high standards of your company while providing unmatched security services. All of our top Elite Security officers are fully certified in AST (Advanced Security Training) and OFA (Occupational First Aid).

When it comes to premium retailers, executive security, concierge services, events, and conferences, our Elite Suit and Tie Security personnel are the ideal choice.

Let’s Work Together 

Is it time to improve your luxury security? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our high-end luxury retail security services or how Blackbird Security can assist your company.

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