The Benefits of Hiring Shopping Mall Security

Each day, millions of Canadians visit shopping malls looking to browse, shop, or just hang out. These crowds present the perfect cover for criminals to discreetly go about their business. If you own or operate a shopping complex, you should know that there are countless benefits to hiring professional shopping mall security to manage these crowds.

#1 Deter shoppers from engaging in criminal activity

Hiring shopping mall security provides a visible deterrent to crime, as guards are often stationed in high-traffic areas like entrances and exits. This is beneficial to mall owners and operators as could-be thieves are quickly aware that they’re being monitored and often rethink their actions, reducing the likelihood of theft and other unwanted criminal activities.

#2 Provide safety and frontline emergency response for shoppers and mall employees

As a facility operator, you want everyone entering your property to feel safe and welcome at all times. By hiring professional security you can ensure that there is a visible presence throughout the mall, and provide shoppers and employees with peace of mind that there is someone available to support them should they need it. Mall security officers are often trained in first aid and CPR, allowing them to assist if someone has a medical concern that requires immediate attention.

#3 Trained to support a variety of concerns

Often people assume that mall security consists of a few guards patrolling a mall or stationed in stores. But there’s actually much more that goes into effective security measures for shopping mall security. Mall security can be used for concierge services, foot patrol, parking enforcement, CCTV monitoring, incident report writing, crowd control, conflict resolution, incident de-escalation and any other function necessary. This dual training is a huge asset for facility teams who are looking to cut down on personnel in other departments and ensure that their facility is covered for all scenarios.

#4 Ensure quality customer service for all guests

Shopping mall security is often trained to provide a quality, customer service-based approach for customers and visitors alike. Because of this, they’re able to guide shoppers who need help navigating their way through your mall, locating lost belongings, or other concerns, and will do so in a way that upholds the same standards of service that your shoppers are used to.

Hiring Mall Security is a Smart Move

Hiring professional security guards is a smart investment for any mall or retail store owner or operator. It’s an excellent way to provide a sense of safety and security for shoppers and employees and ensure that your property and merchandise are protected from potential theft, vandalism, or other crimes. 

With years of experience partnering with some of Canada's largest property and facility management companies, Blackbird Security is your number-one choice for shopping mall security. We understand the unique demands posed by busy public settings such as malls, department stores and shopping centres, and will work with you to customize a security plan for your unique business needs.

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