Blackbird Security Guard Recognized for Lifesaving Emergency Response

As BC’s number one security provider, Blackbird is pleased to train and employ a professional and highly skilled team of security guards that know how to respond swiftly and calmly in a crisis. When an individual is in danger, our security staff are quick to act, alerting emergency authorities and providing first aid assistance when required.

That’s why we were proud to learn that our Vancouver Island Blackbird Security Professional, Jeff, has been recognized by the Vancouver Island Regional Manager for his lifesaving response during a medical emergency. 

Quick to Act

Recently, at one of the Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction offices on Vancouver Island where Blackbird Security provides Uniformed Security services, Jeff noticed an individual in medical distress due to an overdose. He immediately jumped to the person’s aid, calling emergency authorities and assisting the first aiders. 

This message from the Vancouver Island Regional Manager highlights the quality of training our security staff receive, their professionalism, and their absolute dedication to their roles:

… I am writing to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of one of your guards, Jeff. Jeff has been assigned to our office recently and today he was instrumental in saving the life of a citizen who was overdosing. Jeff jumped right into action, locating the citizen and assisted first aiders by calling 911 and relaying information as we performed CPR on the citizen. Jeff’s quick response most likely saved that citizen’s life.

Blackbird is proud that one of our own acted so promptly and professionally in response to witnessing someone in crisis. This event demonstrates how crucial it is to provide thorough training to security staff, equipping them with the tools and authority to respond effectively in emergency scenarios. 

Blackbird Academy - Comprehensive Security Training

One of the foundational beliefs that defines Blackbird’s approach to security is our commitment to training a well-rounded, highly skilled team of security professionals. Our Uniformed security guards do more than reduce crime or protect property – they are ready to help when someone’s life is in danger and are capable of providing first aid assistance when necessary. 

In many cases, a security guard could be the first authoritative presence to arrive during a crisis. In the critical moments before emergency responders arrive, that security guard needs to know how to respond effectively in a calm, professional manner. Vigilance, communication skills, and the ability to make potentially life-saving decisions under pressure are all crucial skills for a security guard to possess. These are traits we strive to develop in each member of our security staff. 

That’s why Blackbird Security guards each receive extensive training at Blackbird Academy in a variety of areas, including specialized training in occupational first aid, incident de-escalation, and John’s mental health training.

Work with the Uniformed Security Experts at Blackbird 

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