Government/Municipality Security

Safeguarding Our Communities

Governments and Municipalities provide the essential services that keep our towns and cities running smoothly. Blackbird Security is proud to partner with governments and municipalities to provide premium security solutions that ensure the safety of the public while being conscious of public sector budgets.

As one of Canada’s fastest growing security providers, we understand the need for sensitivity in public spaces. That’s why our security staff receive best-in-class training that encompasses customer service, St.John's Mental Health First Aid training, conflict resolution de-escalation techniques, trauma informed training, OFA First Aid training and cultural/social sensitivity training. We frequently act as police, RCMP, task force and crime squad liaisons for a collaborative approach in ensuring safety for all in the public spaces we protect.

No matter the size of the office, building, park or area, our team will work to devise a security plan that is tailor-made to the unique needs of the client, while adhering to our own rigorous security standards. This ensures maximum value and client satisfaction.

We offer a range of specialized security services for municipalities and governments, including:

Uniformed Security

In our modern world, public spaces have increasingly emerged as a target for vandalism and mischief. Our uniformed security guards are trained to act as frontline responders, delivering effective and discreet protection to our clients and the public. Our guards use effective professional communication and treat everyone with empathy, compassion and respect.

Concierge Security Services

Our concierge security specialists provide safety and security for your office or building 24 hours a day. They will monitor your building cameras, safeguard keys and enforce building policies diligently. Our concierge experts receive specialized training that allows them to administer first aid assistance and act as fire marshals in the event of an evacuation scenario.

Mobile Patrol

Our Mobile Patrols offer a cost-effective way to secure your property on a budget without skimping on coverage. We have marked, professional looking cars and bicycles manned by highly trained uniformed guards. Feedback on the progress of our mobile patrols is available in real-time thanks to our innovative TrackTik technology. This app allows our clients to access real-time insights into guard operations and reporting. This enables streamlined communication and transparency between guards, managers and clients. The patrols can be scheduled, randomized or built to service alarm response.

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