Shopping Mall Security

A Trusted Name in Mall Security

Since our inception in 2015, Blackbird Security is proud to be a trusted security partner for some of the biggest names in Canadian retail. Through working alongside the likes of Best Buy, MEC, Holt Renfrew and more, we have learned that no two retails stores or shopping malls are alike, and each needs a bespoke security solution tailored to its unique needs.

Industry Leading Mall Security Experts

Blackbird’s Shopping Mall Security Team are trained to handle the unique demands posed by busy public settings such as malls, department stores and shopping centres. Our best-in-class training program encompasses customer service, crowd control, conflict resolution and de-escalation, loss prevention, OFA First Aid and cultural/social sensitivity training. We believe this well-rounded approach equips our mall guards with the skillset to handle any scenario, providing the type of customized service our clients deserve while adhering to our meticulous security standards.

Across every interaction, our customer-oriented approach to shopping mall security works to defuse and deter threats, whether they happen within the mall, individual stores, or outside in exposed areas such as car parks.  

Our Mall Security services can be custom built to include the following:

Uniformed Security Guards

Our traditional frontline uniformed security guards uphold the reputation of our clients while protecting their staff, tenants and assets. Our frontline security staff deliver a visible and highly trained deterrent to any unwanted activity. Though their main focus is always on security, our guards work to ensure a safe and pleasant shopping environment for staff and patrons alike.

Concierge and Guest Services

Our concierge and guest service professionals use a friendly customer service focused approach to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for patrons. They are there to assist with anything from communicating directions to handling fire and emergency response.


Our CCTV Surveillance Specialists are trained in monitoring, detection and appropriate resolution/escalation of any issues or threats that come up on the mall's closed circuit television systems.

Mobile Patrols

Our Mobile Patrol teams work on randomized patrol schedules along pre-planned routes and handle alarm response. They utilize the latest in TrackTik technology to deliver real-time insights into guard operations and reporting. This leads to streamlined communication and transparency between guards, managers and clients.

Loss Prevention

As shoplifting figures continue to rise across Canada, the need for trained Loss Prevention experts increases. Whether uniformed or undercover, our loss prevention team are second-to-none at retail theft prevention. They act as a strong safeguard against theft, as well as act as a helpful liaison for police, RCMP, task force and crime squads. 

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