Blackbird Security Partners with Real Canadian Superstore in Regina, Saskatoon to Provide Tactical Security Guard Services

Blackbird Security is happy to share that we have partnered with Real Canadian Superstore in Regina, Saskatoon to provide tactical security services.

About Real Canadian Superstore

The Real Canadian Superstore is a chain of grocery stores located across Canada. Originating in Western Canada in the late 1970s, the company seeks to help Canadians make meaningful choices by shopping fresh, high-quality products that are budget-friendly and focus on local and sustainable sources.

Our Partnership

The one-stop-shopping store in Regina, Saskatoon receives a high volume of consumers each day. In addition, the supermarket also sells a selection of liquor in-store, unlike its other supercentre locations. Given the nature of the products offered, and the increased level of risk, the Regina-based Real Canadian Superstore wanted to ensure the safety of its merchandise and reduce the chances of unwanted theft, As such, they have partnered with Blackbird Security. 

While on-site, Blackbird will be providing tactical security services, greeting shoppers at the doors, monitoring for suspicious activity, following security procedures, and aiding with loss prevention, particularly in the higher-risk sections of the store that stock alcohol. 

Why Grocery Stores Need to Hire Tactical Security Guards

Crime flourishes when the environmental conditions allow it to. In fact, petty crimes are often crimes of opportunity. In the case of large supercentres that have merchandise on display throughout their stores, and a high volume of shoppers coming and going throughout the day, the environment is perfect for unwanted theft. 

That’s why one-stop-shop supercentres, like Real Canadian Superstore, can benefit from hiring Uniformed Security guards who serve as a visible deterrent to crime. Shoppers entering the store are less likely to consider engaging in petty theft when they know that their activities are being monitored, and a security guard is standing by should they attempt to engage in criminal behaviour.

Additionally, security companies train their team to adopt a customer service-based approach for customers and visitors alike. This means that when shoppers are entering the supermarket, they’re greeted with a warm welcome.

Uniformed and Tactical Security guards are expertly trained to respond to threats and protect your property with the highest standards of professionalism. Should the need arise, a security guard is able to pacify and handle criminals until police support arrives, ensuring that supermarket staff and shoppers can continue their day without any disruption.

On-site security guards are also skilled in CCTV monitoring, so they’re able to oversee the activities of staff and shoppers throughout the store, and keep a watchful eye for suspicious activity, potential theft, unruly behaviour, and crowd control concerns. 

If you own or operate a large supercentre, there are endless benefits to hiring an on-site Tactical Security guard to oversee and protect the mass amount of merchandise, as well as those who are working and shopping in your store. 

Hire Canada’s #1 Security Company

At Blackbird Security, we provide the industry-leading service levels you and your shoppers have come to expect. Our team of experts provide dependable and flexible service and are trained to handle any scenario in a calm and reassuring manner.

Blackbird Security possesses years of experience providing uniformed security guards to some of Canada’s largest national retailers. We’re proud of our record of upholding their reputation while protecting their staff and company assets. 

If your current security provider doesn’t offer this level of services, perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading to Canada’s #1 security company.

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